Lilongwe (Malawi) to Lusaka (Zambia)

It doesn’t get easier! After a quick breather in Lilongwe we headed to the Malawian border. Ahead was a week of long miles and a decent amount of climbing. Physically I felt good and prepared to tackle the next section but mentally, I sensed, was going to be a tough one. After almost three months of constant riding, permanently stressful situations on the road with … Continue reading Lilongwe (Malawi) to Lusaka (Zambia)

The Journey from Nairobi to Lilongwe

Riding into Nairobi was one of the craziest and probably most dangerous things I ever experienced. At first the roads were narrow with one lane each direction and deep drops on the side where the water had washed away the shoulder (assumable there was one). Vehicles would pass the car ahead totally ignoring the fact that we would ride on the side of the road. … Continue reading The Journey from Nairobi to Lilongwe

From The Ethiopian Rivera to Nairobi

We left Bahir Dar exactly 1 month ago. So much has happened since my last blog entry. We time trialled the Ethiopian Highlands, sipped litres of delicious Ethiopian coffee, I stepped into a tent peg confusing it with an acupunctural treatment, Pierre joined for a couple days from Nairobi to Arusha, we visited the Serengeti and survived the wild Tanzanian jungle. Now we are about … Continue reading From The Ethiopian Rivera to Nairobi

From the Sahara to the Ethiopian Highlands

We headed from Khartoum into an 8-day back-to-back riding stretch we knew will be the first real tester for our body. The 2400 kilometres from Cairo to Khartoum led us through the beautiful arid Sahara Desert. The ride was mainly flat and on tarred roads which made the trip very enjoyable and less stressful for our bodies, as the speed determined the level of intensity … Continue reading From the Sahara to the Ethiopian Highlands

Sudan (27 Jan–11 Feb)

After our rest day in Abu Simbel we crossed Lake Nasser in the early morning hours by ferry. Followed by 35 km easy riding we reached the Sudanese border and spent around 4 hours getting through the Egyptian and Sudanese control points. The fabulous TDA team had set up a lunch buffet with tuna salads and the rider’s favourite ‘Peanut butter-Nutella-Jam’ pita sandwiches to make … Continue reading Sudan (27 Jan–11 Feb)