Qhubeka & World Bicycle Relief

Half a million South African children walk for more than an hour to school, which means every day they may be walking more than 12 km to school and back. The direct effects are tardiness, frequent absenteeism, exhaustion, lack of concentration and often the complete withdrawal from the education system.

I want to help Qhubeka mobilize children from poor communities in South Africa with bicycles to arrive faster, safer and with enough time to concentrate on what’s truly important – their education and future.

The cost of one bicycle is R 2700 (Euro 160) and includes: component manufacturing, shipping, duty, tax, assembly, delivery, helmets, field visits, field mechanic training, monitoring and evaluation.

Please join me in my efforts and make your contribution by following the below link.

Thanks for your support!





About World Bicycle Relief & Qhubeka

World Bicycle Relief is a global non-profit organization dedicated to advancing education, health and economic opportunities by providing simple, sustainable transportation. Since World Bicycle Relief’s founding in 2005, it has delivered more than 220,000 specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to people in need.

Qhubeka is the World Bicycle Relief’s program in South Africa helping to mobilize people through the Power of Bicycles.

About the Project ‘Put Kids on Bicycles’

Put kids on Bicycles is an education empowerment initiative that distribute bicycles to students, teachers and education workers to improve access to education, reduce travel time and as results boost educational outcomes.

Students earn bicycles through study-to-own contract. In the short term, bicycles reduce children’s exhaustion from walking to school and help them attend regularly. In the long term, bicycles will help children complete their education, preparing them for better jobs and reducing likelihood of poverty. Visit Qhubeka’s website for more information on this project.

Qhubeka BEEP Orange Farm Partner Use S1

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