Stage 71-75: Maun to Windhoek

I left Maun with a serious rest-day hangover. My legs were still in sleep mode and not prepared to turn the pedals. The 157 km that day felt long, extremely long. Most of Botswana is covered by the beautiful semi-arid sandy savanna of the Kalahari. However, after hundreds of kilometer on straight flat roads through the Kalahari it is hard to keep the mind entertained … Continue reading Stage 71-75: Maun to Windhoek

The Queen’s stage: from Prince Albert to Calitzdorp

What an amazing day it was! I felt great, my legs were back to normal and consolidated my 3rd position in GC with the fourth girl being now over 1 hour behind me. We started the day with a little spin up the Swartberg Pass this time from Prince Albert side. It felt much easier than the previous day’s grind up from De Rust. I … Continue reading The Queen’s stage: from Prince Albert to Calitzdorp

Put kids on Bicycles

Half a million South African children walk for more than an hour to school, which means every day they may be walking more than 12 km to school and back. The direct effects are tardiness, frequent absenteeism, exhaustion, lack of concentration and often the complete withdrawal from the education system. What can YOU do, you wonder? The simple solution is a bicycle! Bicycles change everything. Children … Continue reading Put kids on Bicycles