EFI, the ultimate goal

Riding ‘Every f… Inch’ is the goal of many ‪#‎TourDAfrique‬ riders but only very few get to arrive in Cape Town without having ridden the truck at least once due to sickness, an accident or fatigue. It is a lot of luck, but also much determination and perseverance are needed to achieve EFI. At times it feels like a curse, going through much pain and … Continue reading EFI, the ultimate goal

Stage 79-83: Surfing the Waves – Sesriem to Orange River

We camped at the entrance of the Dunes in Sesriem and used the afternoon of our rest day to drive into Soussusvlei and Deadvlei for the sunset. Memories returned of my honeymoon with Pierre a few years ago. We rested on a dune near Deadvlei and watched the sun go down by a glass of red wine. Absolutely spectacular. Back in camp, we had a … Continue reading Stage 79-83: Surfing the Waves – Sesriem to Orange River

Stage 76-78: Windhoek to Sossusvlei & The Naked Mile

We left Windhoek behind and turned towards Weissenfels in the mountains. It took not even 11km and the road changed from smooth tarmac to beautiful mountainous gravel. A real test were the 6-8% gradients after 1500 km on totally pan flat roads. It took a few hills to wake up the climbing legs. The views were incredible making 114km fly by very quickly. That afternoon … Continue reading Stage 76-78: Windhoek to Sossusvlei & The Naked Mile

Stage 71-75: Maun to Windhoek

I left Maun with a serious rest-day hangover. My legs were still in sleep mode and not prepared to turn the pedals. The 157 km that day felt long, extremely long. Most of Botswana is covered by the beautiful semi-arid sandy savanna of the Kalahari. However, after hundreds of kilometer on straight flat roads through the Kalahari it is hard to keep the mind entertained … Continue reading Stage 71-75: Maun to Windhoek

Stage 66-70: Elephant Highway #Botswana

Amazing!! We rode the most spectacular 713 km the last five days. Very long days in the saddle with temperatures close to 40 degrees but we were rewarded with an incredible wildlife show. The section we are currently riding, between Vic Falls and Windhoek, is called the “Elephant Highway”, and it took not even 15 km before we had our first Elephant encounter just after … Continue reading Stage 66-70: Elephant Highway #Botswana