EFI, the ultimate goal

Riding ‘Every f… Inch’ is the goal of many ‪#‎TourDAfrique‬ riders but only very few get to arrive in Cape Town without having ridden the truck at least once due to sickness, an accident or fatigue. It is a lot of luck, but also much determination and perseverance are needed to achieve EFI. At times it feels like a curse, going through much pain and tears to keep it, wondering why on earth we suffer for it. Rob, Emma and myself are the only riders that kept EFI.

The #TourDAfrique is not just an expedition across Africa but the longest race in the world. 60 of the 90 riding days are raced and each rider can decide at the beginning of the tour if they liked to be timed. If a rider can not complete a stage then she will be penalized with 12 hours for that day. On extremely tough days 18 hours are given. This would mean that a 10 hour lead could turn quickly into deficit and thus kept the racing eventful and exciting until the last day. At the end, Emma and myself were the leading riders ahead of Douwe, the first male rider. It’s the first time in the Tour d’Afrique history that a female rider takes away the overall win.

Pretty cool feeling to take away the win.
Rob, Emma and myself having achieved the impossible. EFI status in Cape Town.


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