Amarider 100 Miler

It was Amarider 100 Miler time again this past weekend. Well, 102 miler to be correct, and some additional climbing for good measure. These old-classic-type of events make one realise how time is running or should I say cycling? This was the 4th 100miler for me and definitely felt much better and more prepared than the previous years. Some 361 km riding last month certainly helped to make this one feel a bit easier but it was also due to my amazing teammate Marianne Mandarin who made the ride entertaining and enjoyable.
It is one of those events where you come back year after year for the challenge. But I have to admit, the non technical nature and high cadence grinding for just under 8 hours will remain a once (or perhaps twice or…..) in a year undertaking.

‪#‎ultramarathon‬ Kate Slegrova ‪#‎cycletraining‬ ‪#‎hammernutrition



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