Cape Pioneer Trek: The End

2 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, big bowl of muesli, fruit and yogurt, 2 slices of toast, muffin and somehow I am still hungry. I must have done some workout the last few days. 😉

My first 7 day mountain bike stage event is in my pocket. I never thought I would be able to race all the stages and go through each without any complications, technicals or falls. It felt quite natural getting up each day to ride my bike along the most beautiful scenic areas South Africa has to offer. Don‘t get me wrong, it was flippen hard work, each and every single day pushing through the pain but I realise that the body is capable of so much more than we think.

What stays with me the most are the wonderful people I have met throughout the week and the amazing orchestrated organisation behind the event.
I was a solo rider but never felt alone. It was hard to ride on my own on the lengthy open roads but that was quickly forgotten when familiar faces joined up or riders throw over some encouraging words. Often I ended up riding with similar teams around me which in a way became my invisible team. The close-knit family like vibe in the race village made me feel very welcome and comfortable being a solo rider without any other support and team-mate.

Now off to some new challenges……

!! Qhubeka !!
Please remember that your donation will allow us to purchase 6 Buffalo bicycles to help children to arrive at school faster and have more time for homework afterwards.

The last day. Nearly home.
 11147060_976007499107359_2534256119690097124_n These two were one of my invisible team. We met up at least once in a stage and rode for a while together.



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